Eggs in a Basket Recipe

City Bakery Eggs in a Basket

A delicious breakfast recipe using our Cheddar Black Pepper Sourdough! Perfect for those chilly mornings when you just want to stay in!

(Serves 2) 1 loaf Cheddar Black Pepper Sourdough, sliced 4 eggs 4 slices Cheddar Butter, as needed

Cut a hole in 4 slices of Cheddar Black Pepper Sourdough, either with a biscuit cutter or just using a knife.

Heat nonstick pan with butter over medium heat, add bread and crack one egg into each hole in bread. Cook until eggs are desired temperature, flipping over if needed.

Add slice of cheddar to each slice of bread and melt cheese.

This can be finished with your favorite breakfast meat (bacon, sausage, etc) and accompanied with some fresh salsa, side salad, or fresh fruit.

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