New Finca Los Tuneles Microlot Coffee

City Bakery Dynamite Roasting Microlot Coffee finaca Los Tuneles

Have you tried our newest Microlot edition, Finca Los Tuneles, from Dynamite Roasting Company? This Fair Trade Hondurian coffee is sourced from organic coffee farmer, Juan David Chavez. The name “Los Tuneles”, meaning “the tunnels”, is taken from the 3 stone tunnels that cross through the farm, which are used to distribute some of the water flow from the two major rivers in the areas.

In addition to managing the farm, Don David is also president of the COSMA Cooperative, which supports small, local producers in the Marcala region by providing milling, financial, and technical support!

Notes of this coffee variety include citrus and earthy tones! #organiccoffee #coffee #fairtrade #honduras

Finca Los Tuneles Sign

Finca Los Tuneles Map and Fact Sheet

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