Meet Our Staff: Sharon Tobolski - Charlotte St Cafe Manager

We're sure you've probably seen her sweet smiles, upbeat persona, and hard-working attitude, but you may not know the ins and outs of this rockstar. Read on below and get to know our Charlotte St.Cafe Manager, Sharon!

1. What brought you to work at City Bakery and what do you do?

When I graduated the culinary kitchen program, I always was fascinated with baking. I was head of the desserts on our pop up dinner nights, and I absolutely loved every aspect of the baking process, decorating and just being able to use my creative skills to make a dessert that not only looked great, but satisfied any palate! Anyway, when I graduated and it was time to find a job, the first place that was recommended to me was City Bakery and the first place I walked in to apply. At that point, I just wanted my foot in the door of a well known local bakery. I was hired as a sandwich line employee, became shift leader after 4 months, and now I've managed the Charlotte Street Cafe for the past year and a half.

2. How long have you worked at City Bakery?

Total 2 years and 4 months

3. What is your favorite thing about working at City Bakery?

Our regulars that come in everyday. I love being able to put a smile on their face before they go off to work or even hang out to read their favorite book. I love the first name basis we all have and the fun, friendly, outgoing atmosphere we have there. I also love managing and teaching my employees new things they may not know or giving them tips on how to be the best they can be at what they do!

4. Favorite CB item to eat?

Hands down the cheese danish. A close second would be cream cheese brownie or a heated cinnamon roll, and not far from that with a close third would be our chicken salad. Yumm!

5. Tell us about yourself...

I moved here to Asheville in 2014 from Raleigh, NC. I'm originally from New Britain, CT but also moved around to New Jersey, New York, Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia. Mainly all down the east coast. I graduated a culinary program with the Green Opportunities Program in April 2015 here in Asheville and immediately took a position with City Bakery a few days later. I wouldn't trade it for the world and although I am not directly working in the baking / pastry aspect of it, I love my job and what I do on a daily basis. I was a shift leader for Panera Bread in Cary, NC for 2 years and would never, after working for this wonderful family owned local bakery/cafe, ever go back to work for another corporation. I believe that the owners of this company truly care about not only their business but their employees as well.

6. Your favorite "foodie" places to eat in Asheville?

The Real Food Truck (when it's around...they have the BEST burger!), Asheville Pizza and Brewing, Bhramari, White Duck, Mamacita's, Chestnut, East Village Grill.

7. Favorite thing to do when you aren't managing CB?

Spending time with my 3 kiddos! Other things are reading a good book, writing in a secluded, quiet, peaceful place, and visiting different food trucks around the Asheville area! There's some amazing food coming out of those places :)

8. What is a fun fact about you that no one knows....?

I am in the process of starting to write a memoir of my life. But a few other fun facts no one knows about me is that I write poetry in my spare time and that doing word searches relaxes me!

Be sure to say "Hi" to Sharon the next time you're at our Charlotte St. Cafe!

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