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Traditional French

Available every day. This is a traditional bread where wheat is truly the star. Sold as a batard, sandwich loaf or our popular baguette.

Super SproutTM Wheat

Available every day. Our wheat bread is filled with the benefits of whole grains with just enough unbleached flour to keep it light and airy. Each loaf is rolled rolled in our seed mixture of flax, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and poppy.  Available as a sandwich loaf.


At City Bakery we produce artisan breads formed by hand and baked in a hearth oven for your enjoyment. We believe in using as little yeast as possible and allowing our breads to rise slowly to create well developed loaves in the style of European bakers.


The majority of our flour comes from Lindley Mills in Graham, NC. It is a smaller, family owned flour mill that has been in operation for 10 generations (since 1755). Lindley Mills is also on the forefront of the sprouted grain and flour movement and provides some of the highest quality sprouted flour available on the market. 

Country Sourdough 

Available Tues.-Sat. Traditional sourdough with a building sour flavor, developed through a long fermentation, that carries through the entirety of the loaf. 100% naturally leavened (no yeast).

IMG_20191114_143502 (1).jpg
Einkorn Sourdough (Flour temporarily sold out)

Einkorn is an ancient grain and is the oldest variety of known wheat. It is high in protein, phosphorous, vitamin B6, and potassium. It has a slightly nutty flavor. Einkorn is a beautiful golden grain. Farmers started growing this grain because several of their family members were gluten sensitive and they wanted to have something to share with them. 

Emmer Sourdough  (Flour temporarily sold out)

Emmer is an ancient grain that dates back around 10,000 years. It is high in protein, fiber, and magnesium. It has a mild wheat flavor. This particular variety of emmer is a dark blue, or almost purple color as a grain. It makes a dark, dark tan flour and can make a dark brown bread when used in high proportions.


Available every day. One of our personal favorites, it means slipper in Italian because it resembles a dancer’s shoe worn in Northern Italy. It has a crisp brown crust with flour on the top and a light “airy” inside.  Available as a loaf or buns.


Available every day. Due to the ratio of unbleached vs.whole wheat flour, it is a softer bread with the benefit of a 7 grain mixture we add to the dough for added goodness and nutrition. This is a top seller at City Bakery and is available in sandwich loaf,.


Available every day. Made with our very own starter, this bread will have a crispy golden crust with a creamy interior and makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. Available as a sandwich loaf or batard.

Jewish Rye

Available every day. This is a true deli rye- best south of New York. This bread has a crispy crust rolled in caraway seeds with more caraway and diced onions baked inside. Available as a sandwich loaf.


Available Friday. Challah is the traditional Sabbath bread. It is braided, enriched with eggs and sweetened with honey. Before baking, we brush the dough with an egg wash to produce the deep brown color and shine. Also, it makes great French toast! 


Available every day. Another Italian favorite enriched with olive oil to keep it chewy and moist. Before baking, this bread is topped with our house made herb oil to provide great flavor with every bite. This bread is available in full or half sheet pans.

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